4 Channel Wireless Controller with Quick Crimp Connectors

Are you ready for the easiest to install controller system ever? Well here it is, the YL-4CHAN. Control 4 channels of lights independently at up to 300ft away. This heavy duty epoxy filled system insures waterproof operation for years, and the simple to use, industry first Quick Crimps make wiring as easy as possible! No need to strip the insulation off wires... just insert both wires into the Quick Crimp cap, and smash with any pair of pliers. You won't believe you are done with the install so quickly!

If you happen to lose your Key Fobs, the YL-4CHAN has a magnetic learn mode to program replacement key fobs. Simply wave a magnet above your YL-4CHAN to place it into learning mode, then hit the A button on the key fob you want to program. 

Just hook up to any 12v power supply or battery (all Yak Lights power supplies work perfect), and you are ready to control your light system or any 12v accessories.




wire hanging mounts

Mounting Tape for install

12 Quick Crimp Caps


3 Year Warranty

*Requires 12v Power supply