RAILBLAZA Adjustable Extender

The RAILBLAZA Adjustable Extender is the ultimate accessory manipulator. The extender has one pivot that allows full-circle free rotation (under resistance) along the central axis. The extender also has a central knob to adjust for up to 180° tilt in 15° increments. The Adjustable Extender will raise your RAILBLAZA accessory about 3 inches as well. Perfect for moving any RAILBLAZA accessory into a difficult position, the top of the Adjustable Extender features a snap lock to secure your accessory in place. The Adjustable Extender is meant to be mounted on a horizontal surface but can be used vertically for light items. Base not included.

  • Adjustable Extender offers full circle free rotation of accessories
  • Offers 180° tilt for accessory positioning
  • Elevates accessory 3 inches
  • Snap locking security mechanism
  • Base not included

If you are trolling offshore, do not use any extenders under your RAILBLAZA RodHolder II. Your RodHolder II should be directly mounted to your base of choice.