Yak Lights IP68 Waterproof Quick Plug Wired Connector Set

With the QD-WS Quick Disconnect connector set, you can wire up your lights to be easily connected to your Yak Lights Power Supplies. By using standard Barrel Crimp Connectors, you can wire up your entire lighting system quickly, and be able to connect and disconnect from your power supply instantly. Designed with a locking sleeve, this connector set will not come off accidentally, and these connector plugs are rated IP68 waterproof.

NEW! Additional pair sets are available. Need more Female plugs to add more power options? Need more male plugs to do more pass through hull installs? Now available!


Optional configurations available:

A. 1 Male Connector Pre-wired / 1 Female Connector Pre-wired

B. 1 Male Connector Pre-wired / 1 Male Connector Pre-wired

C. 1 Female Connector Pre-wired / 1 Female Connector Pre-wired