Our Yak Light Series of Super Bright Waterproof LED Striplights are low profile and housed in a solid aluminum housing. These LED strip lights are designed specifically for automotive/marine voltages (11~19 VDC). These lights measure .7” wide x .325” tall and have a variety of lengths available.

These lights will not burn out prematurely in an outdoor environment! These are perfect “accent“ or “marker” lighting but are stunningly bright enough to function as work lights ready to illuminate your work area.

Our Yak Lights LED Light Strips are extruded from a single piece of solid aluminum, making them the toughest on the market. No flimsy film PC boards, our aluminum board draw heat away from the LEDs, making them run brighter, have a lower operating temp compared to film strip lights, and have a much longer lifespan than standard film or fiberglass PC board light strips. Also, with our lifetime warranty on electronics and LEDs, you can rest assured you will always have the brightest and lowest profile lights on the lake. LIFETIME WARRANTY!


8ft heavy duty marine grade wire
Installation Accessory Packet available
4 sizes to choose from:
YL3 - 1.75” Length x .7” wide x .325” tall
3 LEDs, IP67 Waterproof with 8ft wire
YL12 - 6.75” Length x .7” wide x .325” tall
12 LEDs, IP67 Waterproof with 8ft wire
YL33 - 20” Length .7” wide x .325” tall
33 LEDs, IP67 Waterproof with 8ft wire
YL66 - 40” Length .7” wide x .325” tall
66 LEDs, IP67 Waterproof with 8ft wire