YakGear DeckMat Cooler Pads

Take your favorite roto-molded cooler and give it a custom look. Easy to apply, YakGear’s DeckMat Cooler Pads were designed with YETI in mind but will fit lots of other coolers as well. YakGear’s DeckMat is made from ultra-high quality EVA foam and uses an easy peel-and-stick application making them extremely versatile to apply almost anywhere. Use them to customize your cooler exactly the way you want it.  The matting’s installation is quick and easy and will adhere to most surfaces, smooth or non-skid fiberglass, aluminum or steel surfaces, painted or sealed wood, and even plastic. With YakGear’s DeckMat you are only limited by your creativity and imagination.

  • Sizes available (subject to availability)
    • Roadie 20 (10.125 x 15.5 inches)
    • Tundra 35 (12.625 x 18.375 inches)
    • Tundra 45 (13 x 24 inches)
    • Tundra 65 (14.375 x 28 inches)
  • Colors available (subject to availability)
    • Hunter Camo/Black – Two-Layer
    • Slate Gray – Single Layer
    • Urban Camo – Single Layer
  • Patterns available (subject to availability)
    • Brushed (Hunter Camo/Black only)
    • Traction/Stripe (Slate Gray and Urban Camo only)

***Actual colors may be slightly lighter or darker than you see here