YakGear Drift Anchor – 18 Inch

Do not limit anchoring to conventional stationary anchors. The YakGear Drift Anchor allows kayaks, canoes, and small boats to slowly drift when the wind is pushing the boat too fast. Why restrict anchoring to just one spot when the fish may be elsewhere? The bright orange anchors are the perfect accessory for a slow float across the whole range of your favorite fishing spot. Simply attach to your anchor line and deploy. The YakGear Drift Anchor opens automatically when in the water and collapses neatly for storage when you are done using it. Our 18-inch drift anchor is compatible with boats up to 14 feet. For kit with hardware included, check out our YakGear Drift Anchor Kit.

  • 18″ Drift Anchor
  • Opens automatically
  • Collapses neatly for storage
  • Slows down the boat to optimal drifting speed