YakGear Floating Accessory Leash

It adds up after a while.  One lost a pair of pliers here, then a lost Boga grip there, it can get quite expensive and irritating.  Whether you are paddling or wade fishing, keep all of your accessories floating an arm’s length away with the YakGear Floating Accessory Leash.  The 36- inch, 3-ounce leash, is centered around a 3.5×3.5 inch orange can-float that connects to any pad eye, accessible seat strap, or belt loop with a 2-inch carabiner. To attach the accessory, the open-ended leash comes with fastening crimps and shrink wrap to permanently lock your accessory to your leash, never to be lost again.  The accessory leash comes as a single float which floats up to two pounds of accessory weight (Boga 15/30).  Accessory not included.

  • 36″ nylon leash with one float to keep accessories afloat when dropped overboard
  • Easily attaches to any accessory
  • Carabiner included
  • Installation instructions and hardware included